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Debian install on Stellar PC from Ekimia

Some notes about the installation of Debian Testing on the Stellar PC from Ekimia Shop, bought in the end of 2017, with this features :

  • I7-770H0Q Intel processor
  • 16Gb RAM - 2 x DDR4 2133MHz
  • SSD M.2 NVME PCIE 256Gb
  • HDD 1Tb 7mm
  • Azerty Fr
  • Screen : 15“ FullHD IPS Mat 1920×1080
  • Graphic card : 1.7Go INTEL HD 620
  • 1.0MP Webcam
  • Wifi bgn + Bluetooth Intel 7260 + Ethernet 1Gb
  • Battery 44Wh : 6h in Web/Wifi
  • 377mm x 259mm x 24.2mm
  • 2.2 kg
  • Based on the Clevo N750HU

Install the necessary drivers

  • First, activate the contrib & non-free repos
  • then, install the drivers for the wifi card
apt install firmware-iwlwifi
  • then, install the drivers for the brightness keys
apt install acpid acpi-support

Get a cool theme for Gnome 3

Get the “X-Arc-Collection” theme here.
In a general manner, you can get themes on
and extract them (as root), in /usr/share/themes (or /usr/share/icons).

You can also get icons directly in some packages :

apt install papirus-icon-theme
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