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Shell : Commands focused on the Network Operations

Basic commands


Lookup DNS for an url

dig <any_url>

Show the IPs connected to a machine

netstat -ntpul

Show listening ports & processes on a machine

lsof -i -P -n
lsof -i -P -n | grep LISTEN

Netcat : check if 2 machines are able to communicate on a specified port

nc -l -p 1337 # the receiver
nc localhost 1337 # the sender
# then type something, then enter, it should be transfered to the receiver

Ping an IP on a particular port

Telnet method

telnet 4648

Nmap method (/!\ may bypass restrictions)

nmap -Pn -p 4648

Find the IPs connected on the same LAN

Nmap method

nmap -sP <current_ip>/24

ARP method

sudo arp-scan --interface=<current_interface> --localnet

(Install prerequesites)

# debian
apt install dnsutils # for dig, etc.
apt install net-tools # for netstat, etc.
apt install nmap

# centos
yum install bind-utils # for nslookup, etc.
yum install nmap # for ncat, etc.

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