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Software equivalents

Windows Mac OS X Linux
Distant connections PuTTY ITerm2 Terminal
Diff tools Winmerge Vimdiff, DiffMerge Vimdiff, Meld
Files compression 7-Zip The Unarchiver Terminal, File-roller
PDF reader Foxit Reader Aperçu Evince
Images reader IrfanView Aperçu, Xee Eye of Gnome
Files explorer Explorer, FreeCommander Finder, PathFinder Terminal, Nautilus
Text editor Notepad++ Textwrangler Gedit
CD/DVD writers CDBurnerXP Burn Brasero
Video treatments SUPER Kigo Video Converter Mencoder
Backups Syncback Free RSync RSync
Various Mioplanet Pixel Ruler,
La boite à couleurs
Just Color Picker, To MP3 Converter grabc
Internet browsers Firefox, Chrome, Opera
FTP connections Filezilla
Photos treatments GIMP
Office LibreOffice
Audio / video reader VLC
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